Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Happy" Hallowe'en?

Just curious. Why do we wish others a happy hallowe'en when the intent is to scare people silly? Unless of course we mean, "crazed" happiness, or deliriousness.

Anyway, I don't think it was on Hallowe'en but
I remember how we scared some of our cousins who were climbing up the ladder inside a grain elevator near our grandparent's house. My mom's parents lived in a little house in the village of Waldheim, SK. We would get together with all the relatives and visit with our cousins while our parents argued politics or cracked jokes as they sipped hot coffee and ate. The house was too small to fit all of us in at once, so as kids we'd find ourselves outside looking for entertainment. My grandparents happened to live on the same street as the grain elevators, so we had an instant playground by running up and down the elevator's approaches and hiding in the openings in and around the elevators. We couldn't go inside but there were ways to climb up the ladders that were placed in between walls. Our parents warned us about how dangerous it could be around these huge buildings, but this one time one of my cousins and I noticed that our other cousins were scaling one of the ladders. We were just starting to change our voices, so my cousin in as low a voice as he could make, yelled "Get down from there!" It worked! They began scampering down real fast. We took off before they could discover who had ordered them down, laughing all the way.
Here's a photo I took of an elevator's approach that reminded me of these times playing near the elevators at Grandpa and Grandma's. I found the sign on the door to be "cute".

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