Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My List of Saskatchewan Grain Elevators Photos

I decided to update the list of Saskatchewan grain elevator locations that I have photos from over the past 20 years or so. Some places have or had more than one location for elevators like Biggar, Saskatoon, Yorkton, just to name a few. I have photos of all of these elevators in this blog. (If you happen to note that I'm missing any, please let me know.)
It's been an interesting project taking these photos. Even now, whenever we revisit Saskatchewan and I see an elevator coming up in the distance I want to stop and take its photo. It's my way of commemorating Saskatchewan's rural past. The cement monstrosities that are replacing them are not nearly as attractive and will never solicit the same memories, I'm sure. Different times, different memories. Just discovered that one is missing from the list: Lacadena.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sandhill Cranes at Pense, SK

We were driving by Pense on our recent trip to Saskatchewan when I decided to stop and retake a photo of the grain elevator. As I was composing my shot, I heard a familiar sound--the distinct song of Sandhill Cranes. As a kid on the farm, hearing these rare birds was always a special treat. I couldn't believe our luck. I took a few photos of the elevator. The one I'm posting here only includes the top of the elevator so that I can show the flock a little closer up. I'm adding one of just the flock, as well, as it passed by high overhead. And, as we were taking photos of the cranes, another flock of birds was passing by--pelicans--a larger flock than I'd ever seen before. If you look at the photo closely you'll see that the pelicans are overlapping the departing cranes. What a sight!

Kyle, Saskatchewan

We just returned from Saskatchewan. While we were there, part of our trip included driving from Swift Current to Rosetown and on to Saskatoon. For some reason, we did not have a photo of Kyle, which is located on Highway 4, about 70 kms north of Swift Current. I was taking a photo of the elevator when I glanced to the harvested field to my left and couldn't believe my eyes! A herd of Pronghorn Antelope were mostly lying in the stubble field and chewing their cud. (If you squint your eyes you can see them to the left in the elevator.) I counted about 20 of them. It's the first time we'd seen that many together in our lives. The elevator was a great find, but the antelope were special. If my count is correct, Kyle is the 121st photo I've taken of of their grain elevator in a village, town, or city in Saskatchewan.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Weldon B Grain Elevator

A repost of the Weldon B grain elevator that I took a few years ago.


I'm reposting the photos of the Dinsmore grain elevators I took a number of years ago.


I posted photos of Fiske earlier but deleted the old pages due to a faulty link. Here is the original plus an extra. Does anyone know if this elevator is still standing?

Cudworth is back

I'm reposting the photo of Cudworth I took quite a few years back (around 2001). The bird on the railway track was bonus.