Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Red River carts

Before grain elevators became necessary farmers and their families had to settle the prairies. They came via the wooden carts that were often named, "Red River" carts, because they followed the Red River through Manitoba and into Saskatchewan and Alberta. They followed the same trail making for a rutted road, much like inverted railway tracks. At least that's the way I remember the history of early settlers and explorers arriving in the prairies. The Northwest Mounted Police didn't arrive until the Metis Rebellion in 1885. History is always written after the fact and with facts as remembered by the writers (much like I'm doing in this blog). I've added a link to one account of the Metis Rebellion in Batoche, Saskatchewan where Louis Riel made his "last stand". (To go to it click on the title of this blog.)
This photo is of the wheel of a Red River cart on display at the Batoche Historical Site.

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