Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sky high

Elevators are about 80 feet high. Getting to the top requires ladders and lifts. This ladder on the outside of an elevator in Carrot River, Saskatchewan, provides an interesting perspective on how tall these elevators really are. Enjoy the climb!


Anonymous said...

Weroth, great to see this blog and the elevator forum are giving these old wooden elevators some of the recognition they deserve. Its sad to see them disappear but I guess that is progress. We have lost all our elevators in my town of Lipton but I have photos taken over the years of most of them including demolition. Hope to post a few of them on the site.
Ralph in Sask.

Celestial2920 said...

Hiya! You haqve some great pictures on here! I also have my own website and blog called "Vanishing Sentinels" which has some info on the remaining elevators of Alberta.

Check it out at:


Jim A Pearson
Delia Alberta