Monday, December 01, 2008

Zenon Park, Saskatchewan

I've "enriched" this photo of Zenon Park's main street and grain elevator. A link to information about this small town is in the title. Villages and small towns throughout the prairies are losing their landmarks and are disappearing from view as a result. Much business is lost and many stores close after the elevators are gone. While it's a sign of the times, it's also a sad reflection of how progress brings changes that aren't always better. There's less dependency on the immediate neighbours and less friendly conversations and perhaps not-so-friendly gossip that occurs when paths seldom cross due to the longer distances to drive to deliver the grain and to get supplies.
The "small town" atmosphere is slowly shifting to "big box" shopping and big city supply centres.
In the meantime, we can reminisce and commiserate while we fondly recall the "good old days".


Anonymous said...

i used to have an art studio in an old dogfood factory, elevator. i think all these old elevators should be rebuilt with some modern functionality. green them, if you will.

wintow said...

Thanks for the post, that photo edit looks nice.

Wally Roth said...

Thanks for checking out my grain elevator photos and for your comments.