Thursday, December 06, 2012

Kenaston, Saskatchewan

 I've posted a blog and photo of Kenaston previously. I thought it worthwhile to take updated photos of the grain elevators in this village of about 250 inhabitants. It looks much the same as it did about ten years ago. The large snowman still stands near elevator row. I'm not sure if that's meant to attract tourists, but each town or village seems to be erecting a large this or that to attract people to the area. Nowadays, with the ever-decreasing number of wooden grain elevators still in existence they, perhaps, will be the tourist draw in the near future. That might be incentive to keep them and convert those no longer being used to restaurants, hotels, or whatever might be an attraction. This may prove to be too costly to build and run, but the idea is worth considering and has been considered, I'm sure. I guess once us older folks are gone, the younger ones won't have the memories we do and it will eventually only be folklore that keeps memories of prairie grain elevators alive.

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