Monday, September 18, 2017

Kyle, Saskatchewan

We just returned from Saskatchewan. While we were there, part of our trip included driving from Swift Current to Rosetown and on to Saskatoon. For some reason, we did not have a photo of Kyle, which is located on Highway 4, about 70 kms north of Swift Current. I was taking a photo of the elevator when I glanced to the harvested field to my left and couldn't believe my eyes! A herd of Pronghorn Antelope were mostly lying in the stubble field and chewing their cud. (If you squint your eyes you can see them to the left in the elevator.) I counted about 20 of them. It's the first time we'd seen that many together in our lives. The elevator was a great find, but the antelope were special. If my count is correct, Kyle is the 121st photo I've taken of of their grain elevator in a village, town, or city in Saskatchewan.

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