Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Canola is a popular crop

When I was growing up on the farm canola, or rape-seed as it was called then, was almost unheard of, at least in our area. It has since become a very common and popular crop to grow. The farmers were able to sell the seeds without having to go through the Wheat Board, if my memory serves me right. That meant that they had to "play the market" by trying to time the sale of the canola at the highest prices. This is similar to trying to time stocks sales to achieve the highest prices. The farmers that were desperate for cash would have to sell when they could and often sold at a loss. The moral of the story? Being a farmer requires a lot of skills, including being good "gamblers".
This photo of canola swaths was taken north of Saskatoon, SK in August 2006.

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