Monday, November 06, 2006

Moving grain elevators to farms

When we were driving around Saskatchewan looking for wooden grain elevators we saw many that had been moved to neighbouring farms. When the elevators closed down farmers would bid on the elevators and the winning bidder got to move the 80 foot "high-rise" to his farm. This set of elevators was located just outside the village of Peterson. The name of the farm, "J & L Farms" is written over the word, Peterson. Normally we didn't photograph farm elevators as it seemed intrusive to drive onto a farmyard and take photos. This one I was able to take quite easily as it was just across the street from the village.
I took this picture on an overcast, wintery December (2002) day with the sun shining behind it. I gave the photo a sepia tone to give it more of an old-fashioned look, more in keeping with the subject.
Does anyone know the history of this elevator?

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