Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remembrance Day

Today we've been reminded to remember the fallen soldiers--soldiers who died trying to stay alive while following orders from those who decided their lives were worth sacrificing. I don't want to question the motives of those who died during battle, but I do question the constant need for war. By "celebrating" the fallen soldiers are we not keeping the idea of war alive? Why aren't we looking back at our decisions, our mistakes, our lessons learned? That way we might decide that there are better ways to resolve differences than by going out and killing each other.
I could go on. Why is it that men are the ones doing the celebrating of taking and losing lives? I read somewhere a while ago that men don't produce blood naturally, like women do each month, so they "draw" blood as a way of trying to equalize their power with that of women. Men can't give life like women can so they compensate by taking it. Hmmm ... something to ponder.
Shouldn't we be celebrating the joy of life rather than the dread of killing?

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